The Benefits of Colloidal Silver Spray

Benefits of Colloidal Silver Spray

When you think of silver, you probably think of the precious metal that makes jewelry. But did you know that silver could also be a healing power in your body. For a lot of people thinking of something that is used to craft jewelry as a healing force doesn’t make sense. But, really think about all the metals you take in your body. From zinc to iron, there are plenty of minerals that you try to get in your daily diet in order to keep your body happy. Now it’s time to think about adding silver products to this list.

Silver can have major healing effects for the body. First and foremost it can improve the alkaline levels in your body, just by its very nature. It also helps to improve the body’s defense system.

So, how do you consume silver? Well you don’t go biting on a silver bar or anything. There are some different options. One of the most popular is colloidal silver spray, which is a silver nasal spray.

In silver nasal spray, the bits of silver (which are so small you cannot see them without a microscope) are put through an electromagnetic process that will put them in a water mixture that makes up the KW. Each microscopic bit of silver has somewhat of an electrical charge from the process that it holds to keep it perfectly suspended in the water so it can be more efficient when used.

When you use the silver nasal spray for your body, the silver pieces that are drifting in the water can get into your blood cells and get to work on curing. Since they are so little and microscopic they are easily absorbed by your blood cells and used.

Together with some of the healing potential of colloidal silver spray is as an antibiotic. It has been found that silver nasal spray and other silver goods is a natural antibiotic that will aid the body to endure an assault from various bacteria and viruses that may try to attack.

If you recall, we mentioned the silver was electrically charged. Well it is also positively charged. That means that it can help even out negatively charged particles in your body. Believe it or not, this can hinder some bacteria from being able to reproduce.

Who think that silver products might have such healing effects on your body? With the simple use of some colloidal silver spray, you can help your body heal and prevent illnesses. Silver nasal spray can also be used topically to ward off bacteria in cuts and abrasions.